Potential Buyers

Our products are not sold in stores.  Below are people looking for groups to purchase from. Click on the name of the person who is close to where you live. Fill out the form completely and hit submit. This information will be emailed to the Potential Buyer and they can contact you directly. 

Please note that not every person you contact will get back to you. It is possible they have just purchased from another group, or they are not in need of additional items at the time you get in touch with them. Check back during your sale as new names appear all the time.

Please select a buyer from the list below to view their details and contact them.

Name Title Location
Chris Betzler Anything- Love them all Albertville, MN
Brittney Butterbraid Alexandria, MN
Joy Brewer Butterbraid Andover, MN
Kris Erickson 5 Apple & 1 Raspberry Anoka, MN
Kris Erickson 5 Apple & 1 Raspb. Anoka, MN
Heather meyer All of them! Brainerd, MN
Theresa Butter braids Brainerd, MN
Bethany Ylitalo butter braid Buffalo, MN
Coni Vander Aarde Butterbraids Burnsville, MN
Tracy Bowens Butter braids Burnsville, MN
Kim Wuori tried a product from a fun raiser want to see products Cass Lake, MN
Tammi VanGrinsven Caramel and cream cheese Butter Braids Champlin, MN
Lauren shegstad Butter braids Circle Pines, MN
Cheri   Cologne, MN
Cindy Peterson Butter braid Cosmos, MN
Cindy Peterson Butter Braid Cosmos, MN
Angie Schiller All flavors Cottage Grove, MN
Stephanie Zaczkowski cherry butter braid Elk River, MN
Julia Baldwin Apple, cream cheese, cinnamon roll or caramel roll Elk River, MN
Laurie Leadens Everything Elk River, MN
Liz Pulford   Esko, MN
Barb Hintzen Strawberry cream cheese twist Forest Lake, MN
Kathleen Schlemmer Raspberry Butter Braid Forest Lake, MN
Emily Braford Fruit butter braids Forest Lake, MN
Grant Leonard Strawberry and blueberry butterbraids Hudson, WI
Kannika Butter Braid Hudson, WI
Felicia Beuch Cinnamon braided bread Jordan, MN
Barbara J Walsh not sure Lake Elmo, MN
Mark Carlson Butter Braids Lakeville, MN
Jeff Butter braids Lakeville, MN
Haven Shalikow Strawberry cream cheese butter braid Lakeville, MN
Amber Enestvedt ButterBraids Lakeville, MN
Zach Zyla Butterbraids!! Lakeville, MN
Christi Cossette Raspberry butter braids Lakeville, MN
Abby Jackson Raspberry & 4 cheese and Herb Lindstrom, MN
Lori Hedrington Cinnamon Bread Maple Plain, MN
Danielle Olson Butter Braids!! Menahga, MN
Angela quilling Butter braids Menomonie, WI
L Johnson Butter braids cinnamon Minneapolis, MN
Dawn Boquist Raspberry and Carmel rolls Minneapolis, MN
Marla McFall Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Rita carmel, cinnamin, strawberry cream, maybe raspberry Minneapolis, MN
Khalia Caramel Roll Minneapolis, MN
jared apple butterbraid Minneapolis, MN
Elizabeth Pascuzzi Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Tracie Will Butter Braid Caramel Rolls Minneapolis, MN
Felipe Luciano Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Dylan Corbett butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Laurie P Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Pamala Womack Bavarian cream cheese Minneapolis, MN
Brian Jones Blueberry and Cream Cheese Minneapolis, MN
Kathrina G. Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Rem Butterbraid Minneapolis, MN
Juliet Koegel 1 caramel roll and 1 blueberry cream cheese butterbraid Minneapolis, MN
Cathy Miller Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
MaryKay Jordan   Minneapolis, MN
Daniel Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Dan Saunders Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Becca Butterbraid Minneapolis, MN
Lisa Genson caramel rolls and/or fruit filling rolls Minneapolis, MN
Kelsey Price Butter braid Minneapolis, MN
Jacki Roeder Variety of Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Lori Fisher Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Andrea Davis multiple variety of butter braids and caramel rolls Minneapolis, MN
Ann Baumgartner Caramel rolls, cinnamon, cherry Monticello, MN
Justyna Holcombe All the pastry! Mora, MN
Lori Zabel Butter Braids Northfield, MN
Brad Boren Cream cheese Butter Braid Osseo, MN
Xai her Strawberry and cream cheese Osseo, MN
Anne Butter Braids Osseo, MN
Shandra carnell All the cream cheese flavored butterbraids! Park Rapids, MN
Rachel Braided bread Princeton, MN
Sarah Hinkle Butter Braids Princeton, MN
Char Gatewood to purchase butter braids Princeton, MN
Barbara Napiwocki All varieties Prior Lake, MN
Emily Rathbun Strawberry Cream cheese butterbraids! Rice, MN
Cassie Grape Strawberry Cream Cheese, Cherry, and Raspberry Butter Braids. River Falls, WI
Gwen Butter Braids Rosemount, MN
Rebecca Wilson apple butter braid Saint Bonifacius, MN
Barb Cooney braided bread (not sure what it's called but the Sartell High School has been selling it) Saint Cloud, MN
Karla Hamilton Any Saint Croix Falls, WI
Laura Borntrager butter braids Saint Francis, MN
Melissa Jordan Butter braids Saint Michael, MN
Jonathan Braski Butter Braids of all kinds, especially anything with cream cheese Saint Paul, MN
Tiffany Troudt Butter Braids Saint Paul, MN
Jolyne A Miller Butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Jolyne A Miller butter braids Saint Paul, MN
Pam Pizza Saint Paul, MN
Clifford D Juhlke caramel rolls and cinnamon rolls Saint Paul, MN
Kara Nelsen Cinnamon Braids! Saint Paul, MN
Rianne D. Butter Braids - Fruit and Cream Cheese Combos Saint Paul, MN
Julie ALL FLAVORS!!!!! Saint Paul, MN
Kim Remington butter braids Saint Paul, MN
Cindy Schmid 4 butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Annette Herzog Herbed bread and Apple Pastry Saint Paul, MN
Cathie Witzel Butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Cathie Witzel Butterbraids! Saint Paul, MN
Natalia shupe Carmel rolls Saint Paul, MN
Erin Cody Butter braids and wooden spoon cookie dough Saint Paul, MN
Erin Cody Butter braids and cookies Saint Paul, MN
Meagan Miller Butter Braids - fruit filled Saint Paul, MN
Nicole Barabash Cookies Saint Paul, MN
felecia kleven bavarian creme, bleuberry cream cheese Sarona, WI
Janet Gorshe Raspberry Butter Braids Savage, MN
Linda OBrien Bread Braids. Solon Springs, WI
Danielle Renteria Variety of ButterBraids! Somerset, WI
Kelly Taverna carmel rolls Stillwater, MN
Mary Jo Butter Braid Stillwater, MN
Alicia Butterbraids Victoria, MN
Greg Volimas Butter braids Waconia, MN
Shannon Thein Raspberry butter braid Wayzata, MN
Tamera M Kopka Apple, blueberry Zimmerman, MN
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