Potential Buyers

Our products are not sold in stores.  Below are people looking for groups to purchase from. Click on the name of the person who is close to where you live. Fill out the form completely and hit submit. This information will be emailed to the Potential Buyer and they can contact you directly. 

Please note that not every person you contact will get back to you. It is possible they have just purchased from another group, or they are not in need of additional items at the time you get in touch with them. Check back during your sale as new names appear all the time.

Please select a buyer from the list below to view their details and contact them.

Name Title Location
Lady Butter Braids Aitkin, MN
Christi Butterbraids Alexandria, MN
Jill Van Heel 4 cheese and herb, caramel rolls, blueberry and cream cheese Andover, MN
Sue Grozdanich Carmel roll braids Calumet, MN
Kendra Hollie All flavors Cambridge, MN
Amy 10 caramel rolls Eden Prairie, MN
Dana Leeds multiple orders Elk River, MN
Amy All Elk River, MN
David Arndt Braided bread Elko New Market, MN
Nicole Wascoe Bauman Butter Braids and Caramel Rolls - now if possible, but anytime of year, too! Excelsior, MN
Patricia Unterschuetz All ButterBraid products Farmington, MN
Heather Feltus Cinnamon ones! Grand Rapids, MN
Tracy Peterson Butterbraids Grand Rapids, MN
Susan Fons Butter braid Hopkins, MN
Jodee butter braids Hudson, WI
Jaci Autrey Butterbraids Hugo, MN
Richard Morton ButterBraids Inver Grove Heights, MN
Colette Zelinsky Butter Braids - fruit flavors and cinnamon Isanti, MN
Mollie Sislo All butter braids Isanti, MN
Christine Carlson   Lindstrom, MN
James Keller Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Chloe Hanson Butter Braid Minneapolis, MN
Shawn Butterbraids x10 Minneapolis, MN
Lori Braids Minneapolis, MN
Na Lee Butterbriad Minneapolis, MN
Angie Clifford Cinnamon rolls Minneapolis, MN
Jenna Bjorke Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Julie Tran All!!!! Minneapolis, MN
Sue Brennan Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Deborah Butter braids: Blueberry, Strawberry and Cinnamon rolls Moose Lake, MN
Angela Hollan Butter Braids Mound, MN
Marie Chamberlin cherry butterbraid North Branch, MN
Bob   Paynesville, MN
Shelley   Prior Lake, MN
Thomas Genslak   Roberts, WI
Tom Genslak straberry and rasberry pastry Roberts, WI
Julie Nyquist Butterbraid strawberry Rogers, MN
Luke Simonson Any Rosemount, MN
Irene any and all Saint Paul, MN
George Brown Any of the Butter Braid products Saint Paul, MN
Lori Frekot Butter Braids Saint Paul, MN
Laura Virgin   Saint Paul, MN
Cathie Witzel Butter Braids! Saint Paul, MN
Amy Guffy Braids! Saint Paul, MN
Leslie Cozatt Cream cheese, blueberry cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese Saint Paul, MN
Brianna Lucas Caramel, berry flavor Saint Paul, MN
tyshelle cotton all Saint Paul, MN
Dan Twist bread of all kinds Somerset, WI
Carla Ringold blue berrry Superior, WI
Austin Hammes Cinnamon or Cream Cheese Butter Braids Waconia, MN
Jodi Neil Raspberry Butterbraid Walker, MN
Brett Soland Carmel Rolls Zimmerman, MN
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