Tools and Information

The information on the page is intended to provide you with the tools to make your sale run smooth from beginning to end. If you don't find the details you are looking for please give us a call.

Parent Letter Examples:

Sports Letter

Sports Team Example

Basic Template

Butter Braid pastry letter template

Order Forms:

Use these links to print out and additional sales form for the fundraising program you are currently running.

Butter Braid Pastry form

Wooden Spoon Cookie form

What to expect at delivery:

Click here for information if your order is over 300 loaves.

Click here for information if your order is under 300 loaves.


How long can the products stay out of a freezer?

Our products will be delivered frozen and will stay frozen for approximately
3 hours after delivery. Bring a cooler if you need more time.

Why can’t I buy them in stores?

By offering them exclusively through fundraising, superior quality is
maintained and each customer is guaranteed a fresh product. Limited availability is also important to keep demand high and increase profits for our fundraising groups.

How long does this fundraiser take?

Start your fundraiser and take orders for two weeks, tally your totals, and 
give us a call. Delivery will be approximately 10-14 days later. It’s simple, fast and fun!

What should I expect at delivery?

This is the part everyone loves! We will assemble your order by flavor on tables and inventory the product with you before the orders are sorted. Our representative will assist you in getting started with this process. All the products come in small cardboard boxes that are easy to carry and help keep them cold. You will reuse these boxes in sorting out your individual orders. Having a few plastic bags on hand is never a bad idea. 

How much freezer space do I need?

On average plan for 6 items per box.  Each box is approximately 9 x 11 x 5.

What is a Butter Braid® Caramel Roll?

Each package contains a scored loaf of dough and one caramel packet. After thawing the caramel packet in hot water empty the product into a square baking dish. Finish cutting each of the rolls off the loaf and place them flat into the caramel. Let this raise over night and bake in the morning.

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