Tools and Information

Order Forms:

Use these links to print out and additional sales form for the fundraising program you are currently running.

Butter Braid Pastry form  Butter Braid Pastry form (back page only)

Wooden Spoon Cookie form  Wooden Spoon Cookie form (back page only)

What to expect at delivery:

Orders OVER 300 items 

Orders LESS than 300 items 

Connect with Potential Buyers

Are you looking for more buyers for your fundraiser? Check the Potential Buyers Board for customers wanting to purchase more Butter Braid Pastries or Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough. Here you will see a listing of previous customers who are hungry for more of our exclusive products. Click on their name to get contact information and let them know about your groups fundraiser. 

Potential Buyers

Parent Letter Examples:

Sports Letter

Sports Team Example

Basic Template

Butter Braid pastry letter template

Place an Order

Click on the Excel tally program that corresponds to the product your group is selling. You can either just submit the totals on one line or list out each individual seller to find out how much profit they earned. If you don't have Excel or don't want to place your order this way, no worries; just give us a call at 763-494-9585 or send an email with the totals.

Late orders: Once you submit your order, collect any late forms that come in for a few days and then submit them all at once. Excel orders are processed as soon as we receive them. Please don't update or make any changes and re-submit your spreadsheet.


Butter Braid Pastry

Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough

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