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The products sold through Kittelson Marketing's fundraising programs are not available for sale directly to consumers or at retail outlets. As you may have seen, there are a few bread and pastry based imitations in stores and even in the fundraising market, but none have been successful in achieving our standards of quality in appearance, taste, reputation or service. We urge you to experience the difference for yourself!

Connect to a Fundraiser to Buy 

The question we get every day is, "How do I get more? I only purchased one and didn't realize how good they were." In order to help we have created a way to connect people with groups running sales close to where they live.

Click on the link "Post Your Name". Completely fill out the form and your information will appear on the "Potential Buyers" list. You will be notified when a group in your area is running a sale with details about how to get in touch with them about purchasing. The smell of fresh baked pastries or cookies will soon be coming from your oven.

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Connect with Potential Buyers

Are you looking for more buyers for your fundraiser? Check the Potential Buyers Board for customers wanting to purchase more Butter Braid Pastries or Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough. Here you will see a listing of previous customers who are hungry for more of our exclusive products. Click on their name to get contact information and let them know about your groups fundraiser. 

Potential Buyers

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Love Butter Braid pastries and want to tell someone? The manufacturer would love to hear from you.

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