Potential Buyers

Our products are not sold in stores.  Below are people looking for groups to purchase from. Click on the name of the person who is close to where you live. Fill out the form completely and hit submit. This information will be emailed to the Potential Buyer and they can contact you directly. 

Please note that not every person you contact will get back to you. It is possible they have just purchased from another group, or they are not in need of additional items at the time you get in touch with them. Check back during your sale as new names appear all the time.

Please select a buyer from the list below to view their details and contact them.

Name Title Location
Kala Gleason Butter Braids Andover, MN
Courtnie Butter braids & pizza Andover, MN
Libby Schmit Braids Andover, MN
Renee Bauman Wooden Spoon cookie Dough Andover, MN
Sarah Butter Braid Cinnamon Rolls & Caramel Rolls Anoka, MN
Pattiann Kurak All bake goods Anoka, MN
Jen McLachlan Cream cheese varieties Avon, MN
Kevin Olson Butter braids Big Lake, MN
Brittany braided pastries Buffalo, MN
Lisa Broderick four cheese and herb with marinara sauce and blueberry Cedar, MN
sydney Butterbraids Champlin, MN
Laurie Hunt Butter Braids Chaska, MN
Pamela M Martinez Cream cheese variations Cottage Grove, MN
Dawn Jurgens Butter braids Cottage Grove, MN
Rayne Dalton All of them. Duluth, MN
Toni Butter braids Duluth, MN
Jo Ann Ebner Butter braid Elk River, MN
Carrie Peterson CARAMEL ROLLS Farmington, MN
Rachel Hammer Butter braids!! Hamel, MN
Will montis Fruit filled butter braids Hammond, WI
Helen R Freiermuth butter braids Hastings, MN
Tara Kochendorfer Butter braids Hastings, MN
ellie wallace butterbraids Hastings, MN
Rudy Butter braids Hayward, WI
Becky Anderson butter braids, pizza, & cookie dough Hibbing, MN
Jay Wetzel Carmel rolls and Butter Braids Hibbing, MN
Yazz Butter Braids Inver Grove Heights, MN
Deb Fisher Cr cheese or strawberry and others Isanti, MN
Leah Moore Butter Braid Kimball, MN
Regan McGuire Butterbraids Lakeville, MN
Donna Kennedy Carmel Pastry Roll, Raspberry and/or strawberry cream cheese pastry Lindstrom, MN
Felicia Yang Cream Cheese Menomonie, WI
Debbie Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Felipe Luciano 2 Blueberry cream cheese, 3 raspberry Minneapolis, MN
George Runyan   Minneapolis, MN
Cindy Davison   Minneapolis, MN
Lee Yang Braided Pastry Strawberry & Cream Cheese with White Icing Minneapolis, MN
Dave Toner Four Cheese Herb, Caramel Rolls Minneapolis, MN
Mai Strawberry cream cheese butter braid Minneapolis, MN
Leng All Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Koss Butter Braid items Minneapolis, MN
Abby Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Morrissey Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Jack Walter Pastry Minneapolis, MN
MJ Buckley Cinnamon and Strawberry braids! Minneapolis, MN
Lorraine Butter Braid breads in raspberry, blueberry Minneapolis, MN
Sonya Pickett Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Laura Novatney Butterbraids and garlic bread Minneapolis, MN
Sarah Cream cheese varieties Minneapolis, MN
Lucy Nelson Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry Minneapolis, MN
Andrew Sherve Butterbraid Minneapolis, MN
Jeremy Rozycki Four Cheese & Herb Minneapolis, MN
Amanda Peck Butter Braids! Minneapolis, MN
Mary Woodward Blueberry/cream cheese BB’s Minneapolis, MN
Rhonna Douglas strawberry cream cheese butter braids, and cinnamon and plain cream cheese butter braids. Minneapolis, MN
Taylor Littlefield Butterbraids!! Minneapolis, MN
Brianna lucas Butterbraids - all flavors! Minneapolis, MN
Pam Meier ANY of the sweet ones: apple; bavarian creme; blueberry/cream cheese; cherry; cinnamon; raspberry; strawberry/cream cheese; cinnamon rolls; carmel rolls Minneapolis, MN
Laurie Pahssen All Minneapolis, MN
Laura A Reavis strawberry creamcheese and the blueberry creamcheese Minneapolis, MN
Lance Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Joanie Pohl Butter braid Minneapolis, MN
Jill Butter Braid Moose Lake, MN
Kailey Stacken Butter braids Newport, MN
Heather Meyer Butterbraids Nisswa, MN
Bill Baumgartner Blue Berry, Cherry, and Bavarian Creme Braided Pastries!!! Orr, MN
Nina Savoy Butter braid frozen pastry Osceola, WI
Jeff Butter Braids Osseo, MN
Leza Sher Butter Braids Osseo, MN
ANNA DUNN Butterbraids Osseo, MN
Mary Ellen Harms Cheese and Herbs and Poppy Seed Osseo, MN
Samantha Perfect Butter braids River Falls, WI
Lauren Stryker Butter braids Rogers, MN
Lucas Simonson Butter Braids Rosemount, MN
Lucas Simonson Any and All Rosemount, MN
Jolene Krsiean   Saint Cloud, MN
Kayla M Bakken Butter Braid products Saint Cloud, MN
Taylor butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Julie L butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Mai Thao Butter braids!! Starwberry cream cheese!! Saint Paul, MN
Shawnya Hallin Cinnamon, Apple, and Raspberry Butter Braids Saint Paul, MN
Cindy Nipp Raspberry and Strawberry Cream cheese butter braids Saint Paul, MN
Lisa R Butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Rachelle Cinnamon rolls Saint Paul, MN
Stacey Butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Stan Buria butterbraid Saint Paul, MN
Katherine N Sauer Raspberry Butter Braid Saint Paul, MN
Kindra Morris Butter Braids Saint Paul, MN
Jolene Butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Jacqueline Carter Apple butter braid Saint Paul, MN
K.B. Everything Saint Paul, MN
Mira Pyland Cherry, Apple, Blueberry - Butter Braids Saint Paul, MN
Sue C All Saint Paul, MN
Blessing Awode Butter Braids Pastries Saint Paul, MN
Ellie Wallace butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
gina   Saint Paul, MN
MaCorra Butter braids Saint Paul, MN
Erin   Saint Paul, MN
Kammy Kramer Raspberry, Bavarian Cream Saint Paul, MN
Brian Rock Cream Cheese Butter Braid! Saint Paul, MN
Darla Butter Braids Saint Paul, MN
Jennifer Kuhn-Snell Fruit filled butter braid & Cinnimon Rolls Scandia, MN
Richard Carlson Herb & Cheese Butter Braids Shakopee, MN
Lisa Sampson Butter Braids Stacy, MN
Mary Jo Elmquist Any flavors Stillwater, MN
Margie Fuchs Blueberry, rasperry butter braids Victoria, MN
Laura Cinnamon swirl and caramel rolls Waconia, MN
Trude Yarger Butter Braids Waconia, MN
Mitch Loomis Butter Braids Walker, MN
Pamela Cream cheese butter braids at 10 Young America, MN
Natasha Sullivan Butterbraids Zimmerman, MN
Andrea Ellingboe Butter Braids Zimmerman, MN
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