Potential Buyers

Our products are not sold in stores.  Below are people looking for groups to purchase from. Click on the name of the person who is close to where you live. Fill out the form completely and hit submit. This information will be emailed to the Potential Buyer and they can contact you directly. 

Please note that not every person you contact will get back to you. It is possible they have just purchased from another group, or they are not in need of additional items at the time you get in touch with them. Check back during your sale as new names appear all the time.

Please select a buyer from the list below to view their details and contact them.

Name Title Location
Christina Kankelborg Butter braids Albertville, MN
Melanie McNeff Butter Braids Andover, MN
Liz Butterbraids Andover, MN
Mike Mueller Butter Braids Andover, MN
Kaiah pearl Longseth Strawberry cream cheese butter braid Brainerd, MN
Catie Martin Butter Braids Chaska, MN
Marissa Gillham Butter Braids Clear Lake, MN
Maggie Trost Cherry Dayton, MN
Mitch Butterbraids :) Eden Prairie, MN
Bryan Butterbraids Eden Prairie, MN
Carole Four Cheese and Herb Eden Prairie, MN
Heather Mainz Butter Braids Hastings, MN
Doug Kern Butterbraids Houlton, WI
Dawn Evans Braided Bread Hudson, WI
Judy Wicklander Frosted Cinnamon roll Hugo, MN
Judy Wicklander Frosted Cinnamon roll Hugo, MN
Jennica Silbernagel Caramel roll butter braid Lakeville, MN
Magan Krein Butter braids Lakeville, MN
Tiffany Weinhold Caramel rolls Luck, WI
Elizabeth Tang Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Ashley Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Angela Fye Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Mandy Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
Bobbieann Apple strawberry and cherry Minneapolis, MN
Barb Fischer Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Barb Fischer Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Linda Spotts butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Lydia Herzing butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Manika McCall Peanut butter and chocolate chip Minneapolis, MN
Elizabeth Doom Strawberry cream cheese butter braid Minneapolis, MN
kelly wald All Minneapolis, MN
Richard Ede Braided pastry strawberry and cream cheese Minneapolis, MN
Nicole Hibbard Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Lauren Webert Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Mimi Randazza-Riley Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Tracy Aust butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Anna Dunn Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Cacky Wyatt Bell Butte Braid Minnetonka, MN
Ann Elfstrom Butter Braids, Cinnamon Rolls Osceola, WI
Julie Preimesberger Butter Braids, Cinnamon Rolls Osceola, WI
April Weiss Butter braids Park Rapids, MN
Erin Counts Butter braids Prior Lake, MN
Tracy Shakal Butter braids Rogers, MN
Hannah Miller Cinnamon butter braids Saint Cloud, MN
Lindsay Fort All braids Saint Paul, MN
Estrella Cruz Butter Braid Saint Paul, MN
Chase Robinson Cinnamon butter braid Saint Paul, MN
Diane Kirby Butter Braid pastry Saint Paul, MN
Ray Bread Saint Paul, MN
Hannah Butter braids Saint Paul, MN
Margaret Johnson Butterbraids Saint Paul, MN
Matthew Fierro Butter braid Saint Paul, MN
Alexianna Girven   Sauk Rapids, MN
Joey Deans Butter Braids Shakopee, MN
Laura Metzger Cinnamon rolls and caramel rolls Victoria, MN
Nora Lorenz Butterbraids Wayzata, MN
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