-How long can the products stay out of a freezer?

Our products will be delivered frozen and will stay frozen for approximately 3 hours after delivery. Bring a cooler if you need more time.

-Why can’t I buy them in stores?

By offering them exclusively through fundraising, superior quality is maintained and each customer is guaranteed a fresh product. Limited availability is also important to keep demand high and increase profits for our fundraising groups.  Find a Fundraiser in your area to purchase from. 

-How long does this fundraiser take?

We can have your order forms and sales materials in your hands a few days after you schedule your sale.  Typically, groups will take orders for 2-3 weeks and delivery will be approximately 10-14 days later. 

-What should I expect at delivery?

This is the part everyone loves! Orders over 200 items are separated by seller prior to delivery.  We will unload and organize everything and you'll be ready for orders to be picked up.   We will help sort orders under 200 on site.  Orders of this size take about 10-15 minutes to sort.  

-How does payment work? 

Collect money for orders as you sell.  You will receive an invoice for the cost of the product after we receive your order.  We ask for payment at delivery.  The remaining balance is the profit from the sale.  

-How much does delivery cost? 

We offer free delivery.  Use the zip code lookup tool to see how many items you need to order for free delivery.  Most minimums range from 100-300.  

-How much freezer space do I need?

On average plan for 6 items per box.  Each box is approximately 9" x 11" x 5".

-What is a Butter Braid® Caramel Roll?

Caramel Rolls are made from the same unique Butter Braid pastry dough.  They are scored into 9 individual rolls.  Place the included caramel sauce in the bottom of a 9" x 9" pan or throughout a 9-cup muffin pan.  Let rise 10-12 hours and bake 20-25 mins. 

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