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At Kittelson Marketing we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality fundraising products for all kinds of fundraising. Butter Braid Pastries, Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough, Joyful Traditions Cake Rolls and Bella Napoli Pizza are foods that are very popular and your supporters will ask for it year after year. We give superior service and support to our fundraising customers. Let us help you meet your fundraising goals today!

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Our Happy Customers

Kittelson Marketing not only supplies a tremendous product, but they do it with tremendous service. A first class system.

- Al

We have found the Butterbraid program to be a great fundraiser. Kittleson marketing staff is great to work with. These products sell with little or no effort. People are always asking when we will be selling them again.

- Angel

I have worked with Scott from Kittleson Marketing for three years and have found him and the company to always provide great products and great service. They are clear, concise, and well-organized. I would recommend Kittelson Marketing to all organizations

- Anonymous

It is a wonderful and easy way to raise money for an organization. It was so simple and the information we received was very helpful. I would highly recommend Kittelson Marketing. Thank you for helping our organization raise the funds we needed.'

- Beverly

I coach girls tennis in the fall and boys golf in the spring. The fact that we have repeat customers buy both in the fall and the spring tells you that this is quality product that is reasonably priced. From a coach's time commitment and work, it is minimal. Counting the money and tallying the orders takes several hours, which is not bad. If the groups sells over 300 pieces, the product is delivered in boxes with the sellers' names on the boxes and how many boxes each seller should pick up (ex. 1 of 5). This year it only took me 15 minutes to disperse the boxes to the athletes, and we sold over 400 butter braids netting us a profit of over $1800.00

- Bruce

This is one of the easiest sales for any fundraising group. The product is excellent and Kittelson makes everything go smoothly. The spreadsheet makes it easy to account for the sales and delivery is smooth. Thanks Kittelson!

- Christina

We have always been very happy with our Butter Braid [pastry] fundraisers which have all been highly successful with minimal effort and stress. The products are highly regarded and customers are happy to order and happy with their purchase.

- Eric

"This is one of two fundraisers I do every year with my band program and it's the most popular and easiest to run. People look forward to buying butter braids!

- Janel

Great experience- Very easy to do, the reps are wonderful to work with, and I LOVE that everything was pre-sorted!

- Jen

If you are looking for a product that people love, with a good return and a minimum of work required, this is the fundraiser for your team or group. The people representing Kittelson marketing are helpful and know their product. They will give you the tools to make this experience profitable and painless. Great team!

- Jen

We have conducted Butter Braid fundraisers for the last 2 years. The products are high quality and the parents look forward to ordering. Kittleson Marketing offers good support during all phases of the fundraising process.

- Jenny

We are very happy with the entire process. Our sales rep was very helpful, the ordering process was much easier than other companies we have worked with, and the product is a good seller that everyone is excited to order year after year! We will definitely be using this company again!

- Jessica

This is a very easy and lucrative fundraiser; in part due to the high quality product and the organization and accommodation of the fundraiser representative. Our group will continue to participate in this fundraiser and will recommend it to other organizations as well.

- Julie

This is a super easy fundraiser that does not require a lot of volunteers. We only have one person collect and tally the orders and a couple volunteers to help distribute the product. People really love the product and they sell themselves.

- Kelly

My700+ order was delivered perfectly! Everyone at Kittelson was helpful too. And the braids are easy to sell because they are delicious Great fundraising experience.

- Kris

Kittelson Marketing is so easy to work with and is always there to answer questions and offer support to make sure that your fundraiser is as successful as possible. Thank you Kittelson Marketing for a wonderful experience and a successful fundraiser.

- Kristin

The Butter Braid [pastry]fundraiser is wonderful. The product is so good it sells itself. The profit margin for youth to make money is great! There is very minimal work to do on my end which makes this an easy, efficient fundraiser. Eric and the staff are professional and easy to work with. The delivery process is always very smooth and they double check everything. I am very picky about which fundraisers I decide to do and [this] is one I will do as long as I have youth fundraising.

- Kristine

Absolutely seamless operation. Easy to do, easy to sell. Customers clamor for more product! People have already called and want more a month later!

- Leanne

I have been doing fundraising for many years and this fundraiser was by far the best experience! The product is great and easy to sell and the process of ordering and picking up is set up to run so smoothly. Kittelson Marketing is fantastic to work with!

- Michelle

Selling Butter Braid [pastries] using Kittelson Marketing is the best fundraiser our group has ever done. The process is flawless and professional, you will not be disappointed.

- Mike

I have worked with [Kittelson Marketing] for many years and for different groups in my community and have always been pleased with how easy and profitable this fundraiser is! Thank you for such a great product.

- Pam

Once your organization sells this product...the product sells itself the next time you fundraise. Individuals that purchase the product will want you to return year after year.

- Roxanne

Kittelson Marketing is the best fundraiser company I have worked with! I am a past Chairperson for an elementary school PTO as well as a current fundraiser volunteer at church. The Cookie Dough and Butter Braid Fundraisers are a GREAT way to make GREAT profits for your group. Kittelson makes their fundraisers virtually effortless. They provide excellent materials for your sellers and make the totaling process effortless. The delivery of the product is GREAT! They sort and box everything to your specific request and are ALWAYS there to assist with everything from the start up to the delivery of the product! I have used Kittelson for countless years and recommend them to anyone needing a quick, easy and GREAT profit making fundraiser!

- Sue

Of all the fund-raisers I participated in and lead for our school this year, the butter braid program was the easiest and best experience I had all year. The product is great, the families enjoy participating in this fund-raiser and the families are always asking and making sure we're doing it again every year.

- Taniya

My experience in working with Kittelson Marketing and selling butter braid [pastries] has always been very successful! They provide excellent customer service and are always available to help! The profit you make from selling butter braids is one of the best fundraisers I have ever used. I strongly recommend them for your fundraising needs!

- Tascha
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