Luige's Frozen Pizza Fundraiser

Ask any kid right now what their favorite food is and chances are they will say pizza. Pizza has been an America staple for almost a hundred years. That is why pizza fundraisers have become a great fundraising tool for many many different kinds of organizations and schools.

A community favorite fundraiser for teams, clubs and groups! Selling Luige's Frozen Pizza can be an easy, fun and a great way to raise money for your organization. Luige's Pizza is the best frozen pizza and tastes fresh...GUARANTEED! The original pub pizza made with pride in Belgium, WI.

Available in Fresh Dough Rising Crust and Gourmet Parlor Pub Crust

Costs and Profit

Retail Cost:  $14.00 - $15.00
Your Profit:  40% ($5.60 - $6.00 per pizza)

Earn 40% Profit on Everything

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